Empowering Computer Vision

Parallax free optics and hardware image data delivery system 

Zero Parallax Lens and Camera for Computer Vision and VR

Zero Parallax is building a proprietary optical lens and camera system that solves the core problem in multi-lens image capture—the parallax error. Deemed impossible until now, the Zero Parallax camera lens eliminates the need for "stitching” that typically requires extensive resources. 

 The Zero Parallax lenses enable building extreme angle multi-channel image acquisition systems with ultra-high resolution and uniform pixel density at any field of view. The technology is intended for driverless cars, security, biometrics, architecture, remote control vehicles, VR production, prosumer and consumer cameras and broadcasting.


Parallax free lenses

Zero Parallax lenses may be mounted together without parallax, eliminating the need for stitching

Uniform Spherical Image 

Uniform pixel density throughout the entire spherical image, that provides great detail for deep learning and pattern recognition  

Live Streaming

Enabling effortless streaming capabilities through multichannel no stich hardware  

Zero Parallax Lenses 

High-precision, proprietary Zero Parallax lenses are built to produce a high-sharpness spherical image while capturing the surroundings from a single point of view

Reduced Latency 

Instant synchronization and no-stitch lenses require less processing power and contribute to minimizing latency for remote viewing

High pixel and datapoint density

Extreme angle multi-channel lens system allows increasing data ponts for improved reliabilty of the data reading

Dynamic ISO and Exposure 

Balanced exposure and ISO throughout an array of lenses is achieved by dynamic algorithms

Instant Camera Synchronization and Control

Proprietary FPGA accommodates instant frame synchronization for convenient live streaming and easy post-production workflow

RAW Image

Extreme data rates allow recording of RAW data sets and full image control in post production

ZPT Image Sensor Concept for Driverless Cars

Zero parallax lenses provide high resolution data at uniform pixel density for easy readability by AI. It also provides a high number of data points at reduced processing cost.

The distortion free camera system provides uniform data for AI with at least of two points of reference for surrounding object recognition and at least two points of reference for object trajectory tracking in 3D space. 

Seamless Virtual Reality Video for Truly Immersive Experiences

To be truly immersed in a Virtual Reality environment the image quality has to be seamless, which is why professional production studios spend significant amounts of resources to stitch images together. This painstaking process can take from weeks to months depending on the length of a video.

The Zero Parallax camera lens produces a perfect 360 viewing experience – completely eliminating stitching and makes seamless virtual reality content creation fast and accessible to everyone.  

Security and Biometrics

The Zero Parallax lenses enable achieving ultra-high resolution due to extreme angle multi-channel image acquisition capacity and uniform pixel density throughout the entire spherical image.

The technology is ideal for 180, 270 & 360-degree security cameras offering seamless video at significantly reduced cost and resources due to elimination of stitching.

"Eyes" for Remote Operations

The Zero parallax lens and camera technology has the capacity to provide real time “eyes” for remote controlled operations and enables to create situational awareness for task performance and provide measurable data for analysis.

In mining, the zero parallax technology offers large improvements in two main concerns within the industry – human safety and productivity of operations.

Meet our team

Vygantas Kirejevas

Vygantas is a technology entrepreneur, inventor and co-founder of Zero Parallax Technologies. He is also a founder of Benjamin River Productions, pioneering in 360-degree video technology for fulldome theaters. His previous experience includes establishing and managing biotechnology companies Bacterfield and Fibrotex, and he was nominated for the Ruban D’Honneur International Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 award by European Business Awards. In 2013, Vygantas started researching spherical image capture technologies, which developed into a solution to resolve the parallax problem—the core issue in Virtual Reality video capture.

Gajane Kalatshjan

Gajane is a co-founder and COO of Zero Parallax Technologies, managing the day-to-day operations of the company. Prior to Zero Parallax, she was part of Digital Sputnik Lighting—a film lighting company whose clients include Disney, Universal Studios and NBC. She was involved in wide scope of activities in a fast growing start-up including managing the patenting process and as part of the marketing and sales team helping to bring company’s products to the market. Gajane is also a documentary film producer.

Edmundas Balciunas

Edmundas is a co-founder and head engineer at Zero Parallax Technologies. Edmundas brings the necessary expertise in DSP processing, FPGA board programming and microcontrollers. After acquiring a Master’s Degree in Physics, Edmundas has gained extensive expertise in image capturing software and hardware programming in companies such as Astrohn Technology and Medelkom.

Igor Gurevich

Igor has an M.Sc. in Optical Engineering from University of Optics and Computing Science; St. Petersburg and is in charge of optical design for the Zero Parallax lens. Igor is an award-winning optical engineer situated in Germany with over 30 years of experience, including managing and participating in different projects for Carl Zeiss SMT AG.

Rikard Ahlstrand

Rikard is a Swedish entrepreneur with a background in lighting systems and controls. Starting his first business right after high school, Rikard later completed his education at IHM Business School. Born and raised in Stockholm, in 2009 he moved to Åre where his business activity is now based. Rikard’s major skills are within creative processes, sales and marketing.

Jonas Röden

Jonas is a member of the Board of Directors who joined Zero Parallax Technologies in March 2016. Jonas has a M.SC. in electrical engineering and is also Director of Platform Management at DOLBY Laboratories, which creates audiovisual and voice technologies for cinemas, home theaters, PCs, mobile devices and games. Jonas brings know-how and expertise in R&D and commercialization of technology licensing products.

Eric Bohman

Eric is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor with over 40 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Eric is a co-founder of Stockholm Lighting Company and brings to Zero Parallax his extensive network of industry professionals.

Kestutis Kirejevas

Kestutis brings 17 years of experience in financial and strategic planning, complex business, legal and tax issues, budget development and management, accounting and financial operations. He has served as a CFO in the Baltic’s largest publishing house Alma Littera and as a senior auditor at Price WaterhouseCoopers.

Nils-Bertil Nilsson

Nils Bertil is an entrepreneur and angel investor with an interest in working closely with new innovations and markets. Nils has a background in pharmacology and previously was running the clinical research company NB Farm AB, which focuses on international clinical trials. Prior to that, he was managing the sales department in Merck Sharp & Dohme for Sweden.

Lina Strömmer

Lina graduated from Linköping Institute of Technology in Industrial Economics and shares her experience in executive management and organizational development. She is currently acting as a Managing Director of Stockholm Lighting Company and has previously held multiple managerial positions in companies such as AGA AB, a leading gas company in Sweden, and Signcom AB, a leading Scandinavian trade supplier to the sign making and display industries.